Warra Long-Term Ecological Research

The Warra Long Term Ecological Research site of 15,900 ha was designated in 1995 to encourage long-term ecological research and monitoring in wet eucalypt forests in Tasmania.

The site is situated partly in the Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage Area and partly on Permanent Timber Production Zone land. In 2010 Warra became a member site of the Terrestrial Ecosystem Research Network (www.tern.org.au) that was established under the Australian government’s National Collaborative Research Infrastructure Scheme.

Research activities on the site are overseen by the Warra Policy Committee comprising members from nine LTER site partners from Tasmanian and national research and land management agencies. Since Warra was established more than 200 research projects have been undertaken at the site. Ten of those projects were designed with the specific intent of continuing remeasurement in the long term (more than 15 years). These ten projects are designated as “Icon” projects.

They are:

Continuing projects are listed at www.warra.com. For further Information contact research@forestrytas.com.au