Our commitment to our customers

Forestry Tasmania has a Customer Service Charter that sets out its approach to customer interactions. The Charter is part of Forestry Tasmania’s Stakeholder Engagement Strategy.

Forestry Tasmania recognises that, as a commercial business enterprise,customers are critical to its success. Forestry Tasmania is committed to meeting the needs of and developing strong relationships with Forestry Tasmania customers. Providing reliable and valued services to Forestry Tasmania customers is fundamental to this commitment.

Forestry Tasmania strives to be responsive and efficient in providing customers with valued professional service. Excellence in customer service is realised through team effort and building mutually rewarding and respectful relationships with customers.

Forestry Tasmania will continue to manage the Permanent Timber Production Zone land in a sustainable and commercially viable manner to produce wood products that meet the requirements of Forestry Tasmania customers and for the benefit of the Tasmanian community generally.

Forestry Tasmania recognises its essential role in supporting a local forest industry, while obtaining a fair price for the forest products that it produces on the public’s behalf.

Forestry Tasmania therefore aims to prioritise the sale of forest products to Tasmanian markets that process timber into valuable products and benefit the local economy through employment, business activity and the provision of goods and services.

However, where there is no commercial opportunity to sell product into the domestic market, Forestry Tasmania seeks interstate and international markets.

All customers are provided with information on the source of forest products to satisfy legal and chain of custody requirements that relate to forest certification.