Tamar fuel reduction burn, 14 October, 2014

Forestry Tasmania conducted a successful fuel reduction burn at Salisbury Hill south west of Beaconsfield in the Tamar Valley.

The fuel reduction burn of about 200 hectares was designed mainly to protect neighbouring private properties from difficult-to-control bushfires during high summer.

Forestry Tasmania senior fire management officer Bob Knox said the burn was planned with full support of and in consultation with neighbours, some of whom had lobbied for the fuel reduction burn to go ahead.

Several residents, who are member of local volunteer fire brigades assisted during the operation with the support of Tasmania Fire Service.

“Local residents well remember the Asbestos Range fire of four years ago, which burnt to within 100 metres of the Beaconsfield Hospital.”

He said the burn was over a narrow area about three and a half kilometres long on the ridge between the West Tamar Highway and Flowery Gully.

“We’ve had the burn planned for four years but it’s very tricky to try to minimise smoke effects on Tamar Valley residents and conditions had not been suitable before.

“The forecast southerly wind was the chance we’d been waiting for to keep the smoke away from people and businesses.”

An important piece of State infrastructure – a high voltage power line carrying electricity to the Bell Bay heavy industry hub and the BassLink cable -- was also be afforded protection as a result of the burn.