Reckless and unsafe protest activity must cease immediately, 11 February 2016


Reckless and unsafe protest activity must cease immediately

Forestry Tasmania is extremely concerned with the dangerous and unsafe conduct of the protestors on site at our harvesting operation in the regrowth forest coupe FD053A near Lapoinya. Forestry Tasmania is similarly concerned about the conduct of the Lapoinya protest group in continuing to promote this unsafe activity.

Nigel Foss, General Manager Operations said “Forestry Tasmania is extremely concerned that the protestors and those encouraging them are showing a reckless disregard for safety. Their actions are putting their own and the safety of others on site at great risk.”

“Protestors are deliberately putting themselves in harm’s way by placing themselves in the immediate vicinity of heavy machinery. Even worse, in some cases, these protestors are following heavy machinery while it is operating.”

This is extremely hazardous behaviour as the nature of this heavy machinery means that the operators have limited visibility, particularly when they are focused on their primary task of processing and moving logs.

“While the machinery operators are highly skilled and professional, it is everyone's responsibility to ensure their own safety and avoid putting themselves and others at risk.”

“It is for this reason that Forestry Tasmania has consistently requested that protestors do not enter this operational area on Permanent Timber Production Zone land.”

“Forestry Tasmania fully respects the right of anyone in the community to protest, but this needs to be done in a way that is safe and does not impede lawful operations.”

“Forestry Tasmania will continue to work with our contractors and Tasmania Police to try to ensure the safety of operations on the site, but this is made extremely difficult by the reckless and dangerous actions that continue to be taken by protestors.”

“Forestry Tasmania strongly urges the protest organisers to do everything in their power to ensure that these dangerous incursions by protestors cease immediately.”

Footage provided by the protest group clearly demonstrates the risks being created by these protestors deliberately placing themselves in the vicinity of heavy machinery while it is operating.


11 February 2016