Fuel reduction burns to start, 17 September 2015

As part of its contribution to the whole of government statewide fuel reduction burning program, Forestry Tasmania is planning to commence its spring time burns tomorrow (Friday 18/09/2015).

A 180-hectare burn in 30 year old regrowth forest in the upper South Esk valley aims to protect the township of Mathinna, private properties and forest assets from future bushfires in the fire-prone area.

The burn is planned for about nine kilometres west of Mathinna south of the South Esk River.

Up to seven burns are planned over spring on Forestry Tasmania land as well as some others in conjunction with the Parks and Wildlife Service across a mix of land tenures.

The others include a 90-hectare area at Jetsonville five kilometres north west of Scottsdale, and properties to the west and north of St Helens, in continuing efforts to create a protective barrier around the East Coast population centres, and extensive button grass plains south east of Burnie.

The button grass burns are conducted for ecological reasons to maintain the plant system as well as the protection they provide nearby properties.

Any burns will go ahead only if conditions are suitable to minimise danger and smoke nuisance to surrounding communities.

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