Sustainable yield

Forestry Tasmania models and monitors the forests we manage so that harvesting wood products is sustainable well into the future – sometimes looking 90 years ahead.  

Forestry Tasmania's Sustainable Yield Review focuses on all native eucalypt forest and eucalypt plantations in wood production areas within Permanent Timber Production Zone land.
The Review describes the forest management strategy and direction adopted by Forestry Tasmania to ensure a sustainable supply of high quality eucalypt sawlogs. The associated yields for other products, which include lower quality sawlogs, peeler logs, pulp logs and biofuel from eucalypt native forests and from eucalypt plantations, are also described.

Sustainable Yield Review No4 (860kb PDF)

A second report is provided, which describes the yield estimate methodology used to inform the signatories to the Tasmanian Forest Agreement (TFA). This TFA yield methodology report is consistent with legislation at the time of writing, and forms the basis for the sustainable yield review described above.

TFA Yield Report (467kb PDF)

The work described above has been audited independently, by Dr Mark Burgman and Dr Andrew Robinson, as part of the information gathering and consultation processes that led to the TFA. The independent auditor’s full report can be downloaded from the Australian government’s Department of the Environment website.

Review of Tasmanian Forest Estate Wood Supply Scenarios (2,630kb PDF)
Mark Burgman and Andrew Robinson University of Melbourne

Professor Ian Ferguson also provides a useful discussion on sustainability and on the calculation of sustainable yields, based on a case study of Forestry Tasmania’s sustainable yield planning.
Ferguson 2013 - Assessing sustainability in certification schemes (217kb PDF)