Our contractors

Forestry Tasmania employs private sector contractors across Tasmania to conduct harvesting, haulage, roading, plantation management, and fire management operations.

Harvesting operations are conducted by contracting organisations which have the specialist skills, equipment and safety systems required to successfully implement the Forest Practices Plan.

Prior to any work commencing on site, contractors are briefed so that they are aware of the operational objectives, the coupe specific prescriptions detailed in the Forest Practices Plan and known safety hazards.

In accordance with the Forest Safety Code, contractors are also required to develop a forest operation plan that describes how safety will be managed on the site.

Forestry Tasmania oversees each operation to confirm that harvesting is being conducted in accordance with the Forest Practices Plan, product recovery is being maximised, and safety requirements are being met.

Once an operation is completed, Forestry Tasmania conducts an inspection of every coupe to confirm that rehabilitation works have been carried out, prior to reforestation works beginning.



Emergency Meeting Points

Emergency Meeting Points are an easily identified location for emergency services to meet people requiring assistance in remote areas of the state if the need arises.

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