Big Den Ballot, 2017 (closed till next year)



The Big Den Ballot has closed for this year and will open again next year in November 2017. 166 hunters have been registered this season.


Who is the ballot open to?

It will be open to all hunters who hold the appropriate licences.
Only ballot holders will be permitted in the area.

How does the ballot operate?

The Big Den ballot will operate for the Stag season only.  The stag season will be divided into 11 ballot periods, separating the weekends from weekdays.

In 2017 there will be a maximum of 44 hunters in any given ballot period, which may include up to 4 single hunter parties.

Hunting parties may consist of a combination of numbers to a maximum of 4 hunters per party.

Hunters will be restricted to membership of 1 party only.

Boom Gates at Lakes River and Woods Lake end will be locked throughout the season with successful applicants securing keys for the Lake River Road end for their ballot period.  Locks will be changed at the end of each ballot period.

The Woods Lake gate will remain locked throughout the season.

Important to note Penny Creek bridge crossing has been washed away and susequently vehicle access is prohibited west of this creek crossing.

The lock on Lake River Road (Connorville end) Boom gate will be changed at 1pm on the day an individual ballot concludes.

Second Antlerless Season

The second antlerless season will not be balloted. All hunters who have registered for the ballot will receive a key to access the area as per last year .  The area will be available from 11am on the Friday until 7pm on the Sunday commencing Friday 12-05-2017 to Sunday 21-05-2017 and then from Friday 16-06-2017 to Sunday 25-06-2017 inclusive.

Entering the Ballot

Interested recreational hunters need to form a hunting party (1-4 hunters per party) with one hunter being the party leader who is responsible for his/her hunting party.    All correspondence will be between the Ballot Co-Ordinator (FT) and the party leader.

To register for the ballot, please download and complete the registration pack below.

Ballot is open to all hunters who hold the appropriate licences.

Big Den 2017  - Complete Registration Package (961kb PDF)

Ballots opened on 11th November 2016 and will close at COB  5pm Friday 9th December 2016.

The ballot draw is expected to take place on 13th December with successful applicants notified prior to Christmas.

Hunters also have the option of calling in to a Regional office to collect the pack or we can post it out for them.