Industry - stakeholder agreements

As part of the wider Tasmanian forest industry, Forestry Tasmania was involved in the development of, and maintains its commitment to, two industry-wide charters - the Good Neighbour Charter and the Tourism and Forestry Protocol.

The commitments made in these documents are integrated into Forestry Tasmania's standard operating procedures.

Good Neighbour Charter (544 kb PDF)

Representatives of the forestry industry signed a new Good Neighbour Charter aimed at promoting cooperation and increased communication by the industry with its neighbours and other stakeholders.

The charter was developed by Forestry Tasmania and the Forest Industry Association of Tasmania and was signed by representatives from Forestry Tasmania, Gunns Ltd, Norske Skog Boyer Mills, Timberlands Pacific, Forest Enterprises Australia and Great Southern Plantations.

It has also been endorsed by forestry, farming and tourism organisations and the Local Government Association of Tasmania.


Tourism and Forestry Protocol 2009  (1,447kb PDF)

The initial Tourism-Forestry Protocol Agreement was implemented from September 2003.

The Agreement was made between the following parties:

The Agreement has facilitated communication, consultation and liaison between the parties at both a strategic and operational level. The Agreement has also established a regular forum where the parties can meet to discuss issues and find mutually beneficial outcomes.

While the parties acknowledge the achievements of the Agreement, they are also committed to ensuring its ongoing relevance and refining it to respond to the current and future challenges.