Corporate Publications

Forestry Tasmania Annual Report

Annual Report 2015/16 (6,165kb PDF)

Supplementary Data Tables 2015/16 (912kb PDF)

 Previous Annual Reports (Stewardship Reports)


Sustainable Forest Management

Forest Management Plan (Revised January 2016) (1,871kb PDF)

High Conservation Values Assessment and Management Plan (4,600kb PDF)

Sustainable Yield Review No4 (860kb PDF)
Sustainable High Quality Eucalypt Sawlog Supply from Tasmanian Permanent Timber Production Zone Land

Review of the Sustainable Sawlog Supply from the Blackwood Management Zone (1,085kb PDF)

Leatherwood Report (000kb PDF)


Three Year Wood Production Plan

Three Year Wood Production Plan 2015 (1,417kb PDF)



Legislation and Ministerial guidance

Forest Management Act 2013 (website)

Government Business Enterprise Act 1995 (website)

Forest Practices Act 1985 (website)

Forestry (Rebuilding the Forest Industry) Act 2014 (website)

Forestry Tasmania Ministerial Charter 3 June 2015 (594 kb PDF)

Statement of Corporate Intent 2014 (133kb PDF)

Regional Forest Agreement


Fact Sheets


Science and Technical Papers

Other reports and publications
Forestry Tasmania's Sustainable Yield under the Australian Forestry Standard [593kb PDF]
Professor Ian Ferguson, 4 June, 2012
Special Timbers Strategy [8,784kb PDF]
State of the Forests
A five-yearly report about the state of Australia's public and private forests